Newey Departure Confirmed – What’s Next for Newey and Red Bull?

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After days of mounting reports, Red Bull finally confirmed on May 1st that Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, their legendary chief designer and technical guru, will leave the team in the first quarter of 2025, after 19 years with the team. Adrian will be taking a step back from his role within the F1 team until then to develop their RB17 Hypercar instead. Joining Bryn Lucas is Autosport’s Editor Haydn Cobb, to discuss the timelines that led to Newey’s announced departure as well as his exit plan with the team, as well as his future, with Ferrari and Aston Martin both reportedly keen to take on his services as the sport enters a critical development period, with the 2026 technical regulation change looming over the horizon.
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0:33 What has Red Bull said
2:22 Newey’s Relationship with the Team
5:29 Newey’s Statement
6:38 What are the next steps for Newey
9:08 Strength in depth for Red Bull
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