F1 2024 Japanese Grand Prix Preview – Everything You Need To Know

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After Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz’s triumphant return to the top step in Australia, the Formula 1 teams now heads north to the iconic Suzuka Circuit for the Japanese Grand Prix. This year’s race comes earlier in the season, promising cooler temperatures and a different dynamic to the challenge of Suzuka. With the specter of tire graining looming, Ferrari seeks to capitalize on their recent success and maintain momentum, putting further pressure on Red Bull’s dominance. Bryn Lucas is joined by Filip Cleeren, Sam Hall and Jake Boxall-Legge as we preview this weekend’s Grand Prix.
0:00 Intro
1:33 What makes Suzuka Special
3:33 Daniel Ricciardo under pressure
9:48 Suzuka’s Calander Move
13:02 Can Mercedes work in the lower temperature’s?
14:20 What can we expect?
18:51 Our predictions for 9th and 10th
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