BrrrakeF1 – How IMSA use Advanced Data to Enforce the Rules


With so many varied race cars from different manufacturers, IMSA and WEC need to ensure that the racing is both fair and safe, while still producing thrilling action on track – and that’s where scrutineering comes in. Using everything in their arsenal, including some incredible custom 3D scanning tools, IMSA and @boschmobility regulate their Balance of Performance (BOP) to do just that, so we sent former Formula 1 Performance Engineer Blake Hinsey, @brrrake, behind the scenes at the Daytona 24 to understand exactly how scrutineering works to help create such exciting racing.
0:00 The Importance of Scrutineering
2:00 3D Scanning for Scrutineering
3:31 Tech Inspections, Tools and Data
6:00 Data Integration for Testing
6:52 IMSA’s Huge Amounts of Data
8:56 Talking to the Teams
10:32 Maintaining Exciting Racing and Safety
12:40 Balance of Performance
13:07 Key Takeaways from IMSA Races
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