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We’ve seen autonomous racing try to take off before, but A2RL, the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League, is set to push the boundaries of what autonomous racing really can be. We sent Alex Goy over to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina to find out what clever tech powers the cars, how they manage to compete in various challengers without a driver (including overtaking, fastest lap and even a man vs machine challenge), and why A2RL is relevant to today’s society.
0:00 A2RL – Autonomous Racing
1:00 What is A2RL and Why it’s Different
3:05 The Challenge’s Format
3:38 The Future of A2RL Beyond 2024
5:23 Interest from the World of Motorsport
6:44 The Tech Powering the Cars
7:44 How the Cars Drive Themselves
8:44 Talking with Team Code19 Racing
10:51 How the Cars Make Decisions
12:22 Machine Learning Developments
14:27 Autonomous Cars and the Excitement of Racing
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